right. so this is where all the fonts have gone. all organized and php-ified. there'll be updates soon as i have access to a scanner. i really shouldn't be calling this a type foundry, since its just jeff messing about with fontographer, but if people want to contribute, then great. all necessary credits are in the readme files.

want all these fonts [newly updated!] but cant be bothered to decompress and install from 28 different files? don't care about getting all the neato readme files? then i heartily endorse the extra-big file. it contains all fonts that've been released, but lacks the readmes.

[12.09.03@02:31] after nearly two years of stagnation, i've finally had found a font program that doesn't suck and doesn't cost a billion dollars. because of that, we have tremendous egg, a font that took me 9 months to find the motivation to complete. it's shamelessly remade from print media relating to rahxephon, and it can now be found in the full list, redone, and the ebf.

[02.03.02@01:02] woot. now we have malloc. finally another font actually made by me. these are rare, honest.

[01.28.02@01:24] fashionably late, we have katana's wonderful calligraphy font incompetent apprentice. it's been added to the full list, and to "other" because it feels more special than a plain-old handwriting font. third in the skifyre series comes later in the week, honest.

[12.19.01@19:09] added dave's handwriting font silver notes to the full list, handwriting, and the ebf.